SDG Open Call Exhibitions and Program Activities for 2021

Application deadline 15 April 2019

The Sami Center for Contemporary Art (SDG) seeks artists, doudji practitioners, designers, filmmakers, but also curators who will realize productions – exhibitions/program activities at SDG in Karasjok for the year 2021. It is possible to apply for specific projects, but also to apply with an idea – which can be further developed in cooperation with the SDG team.

Applicants from Sápmi (sami background – from Sweden, Finland, Russia or Norway) are prioritized (there is no requirement for membership in Sami artists Union – SDS), but other artists/individuals may be part of the production.

The application can be for: solo exhibition, a group show,
film screening (art film, short film, documentary), performance/event / concert, land art or site-specific projects (outdoors in Karasjok).

SDG pays exhibition fees. Transport, travel, stay and per diem in Karasjok are covered for the period on site. Other productions costs must be agreed individually.

Application must include:
• CV for those involved
• Portfolio (show artistic practice – documentation (picture, film, audio files) of previous projects/exhibitions
• Brief about what you want to realize at SDG (ideas, concept or concrete)

Jury: SDG’s artistic advicery board. Applications may be in one of the Sami languages, Norwegian, Swedish or English.

Floorplan SDG


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