Suorgi / Tregreiner / Tree Twigs


UTSTILLING: Suorgi — Tregreiner  — Tree Twigs



The exhibition is a dialogue between artists Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen, Marita Isobel Solberg and Trond Ansten. With backgrounds respectively in Sami, Kven and Nordic ingathering traditions, the artists make use of elements and materials from their daily lives. Handicraft traditions and nature-based knowledge is explored through transformation of organic materials where the focus is on linking together the past, present and future. The works open a space for discussion between the individual practices, in which expression ranges from sculpture, photo and film to installations and performance art. The artists’ common framework builds upon their thoughts on and reflections over the current increasing consciousness about body and health, wholeness and the use of resources. The exhibition invites you to a meeting between art and people where senses are the focal point. 



Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen

(b.1953, Lødingen/Lodegat, Troms og Finnmark) 

has been working with sculptures and installations for decades. Her starting points are in textiles and threads but often in compilation with other materials such as hair, skins, antlers, stone and wood. Time-consuming techniques are an important aspect of her work. Through examining cultural codices and the meaning of natural landscapes she explores reflexive boundaries between animals and people, body and membrane, hand and spirit, ambiguous expressions that can be both brutal, skinless, sensual and seductive at the same time.


Marita Isobel Solberg

(b.1977 fra Manndalen/Olmmáivággi, Troms og Finnmark)

is a musician and visual artist who works with performance art, ceramics and installations. Throughout her childhood she was surrounded by meaningful materials and objects closely related to nature, craftsmanship and seasonal work.

Essential to her art is focus on sound, its everyday magic and presence. Solberg explores the possibilities of performance art through experience, knowledge, philosophy and metaphors. She intends to challenge and transform, reaching for the innermost and creating vibrations.


Trond Ansten

(b.1984, Bamble, Telemark)

is a visual artist and nature manager who works with sculpture, film and relational works. Collecting material through ingathering and trapping is central to his art, where Ansten explores aspects of our relationship with nature. Through the transformation of organic matter the works become a symbiosis of craft traditions and hybrid compositions. Offal, plants and algae are included in the palette in which wood is often the bearing element. An important turning point is how traditional refining processes may be seen in light of recent research. Can the remains of forgotten knowledge open up new potential?