Short films in large format

This summer the Sami Center for Contemporary Art is making one of the exhihibtion rooms into a film theatre. We have new, comfortable chairs placed at a reassuring distance from each other in the theatre.

On Saturday 4 July we are re-opening with a programme of short films.

Ken Are Bongo (film director, producer and photographer) and Johan Sara jr. (composer/musician) have been invited to put together the short film programme. It lasts for 30 minutes and will be shown every half hour during opening hours.


The following films will be shown until 30 August:

SEA SÁMI, SEE / Johan Sara jr. and Ken Are Bongo / 8:13 min.
Actress: Susanne Hætta.
The movie is about the strong Sea Sámi woman. In harsh conditions and hard climates, people in the Arctic have survived for ages.
The woman carries life in the matriarchal Sámi society and all the heavy burdens. She ensures that life is created, preserved and continues the Seaside heritage. She stands naked on the shore, quiet, frozen, gazes to the fjord, guarding life out to sea, surrounded by the natural elements that shows true reality. As in a dream, as in a life, she looks towards the sunset until the sun disappears under the horizon.
The film is based on the music by Johan Sara jr. in the trilogy, which consists of Sea Sami, See (2016), Transforming (2017) and Understanding (2019). The albums are ethereal, suggestive and movingly beautiful. The soundscapes are color-saturated and dark, bright and sparkling, dense and open at the same time; a pulsating matter with recognizable cyclic qualities. Both the music and the film are based in sea Sámi surroundings by the coast in north.

“I have lived through the different seasons in the arctic nature and I have become aware of the sounds of nature. Each season has its own shade of sound, every animal has a different tune and every bird has a distinct song. And the silence of -40 degrees is striking. These sounds were my friends while growing up, and still are today. I surround myself with these sounds and I wanted to transmit them into music, and that has become manifest in this CD.” (Johan Sara jr.)
DUORGGAT DOARGGISTIT // TREMBLING FLOORS / Ken Are Bongo, Joar Nango and Håvard Arnhoff / 3 min.
In Duorggat doarggistit//Trembling floors, 4 small birches (duorga) are cut by a lake on the tundra. The trees are stifled, and the twigs are taken. The trunks are left behind standing in the landscape.


Johan Sara jr.

Ken Are Bongo


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