Lena Stenberg — Borders

Lena Stenberg — Borders


Lena Stenberg’s diverse and multidisciplinary artistic practice encompasses sculpture, installation, photography, and collage. Stenberg deftly navigates the shifting contours and landscapes of time, tracing the elegant outlines of change and transformation as they are inscribed on the physical and cultural terrain of the Sami people. Central to this history is the legacy of strict border demarcations between Norway, Finland, and Sweden, which have had profound and lasting impacts on the lives and livelihoods of the Sami people.

Central to Stenberg’s work is the notion of historical and political reflection, as she analyses the myriad ways in which the Sami people have been oppressed by the dominant cultures and political systems that have governed their lives. Indeed, her artworks serve as powerful voices for issues of land separation and Sami oppression.

Through her deft manipulation of form, space, and materiality, Stenberg creates immersive and evocative works that engage the viewer on multiple levels, drawing attention to the complex interplay between the personal and the political, the historical and the contemporary. Her art speaks to the profound and enduring legacy of colonialism and cultural hegemony in the North while also offering a vision of resilience, resistance, and hope for the future. Ultimately, Stenberg’s work is a testament to the enduring power of art to bear witness to injustice, to inspire change, and to give voice to the marginalized and oppressed.

Exhibition opens 22.04.2023 at 18:00

Opening Hours 23.04—18.06.2023
Tuesday—Friday 10:00—16:00
Saturday—Sunday 11:00—16:00