Kristin Tårnesvik – Nå går jeg ned i jorda men når jeg kommer opp igjen sitter jeg i et tre

Exhibition opening: September 11th 2021, 18:00 o’clock

It is with great pleasure that the Sami Center for Contemporary Art can invite you to a solo exhibition with Kristin Tårnesvik. The exhibition contains drawings, graphics, textiles, objects and installations.

Kristin Tårnesvik has a background in photography, and graduated from the Bergen Academy of Arts in 2004. During her artistic practice, she has sought out new media and techniques that provide resistance in the production process and lead to movements in to unexpected directions. Tårnesvik works at the intersection of the poetical and the political, where personal as well as social events and phenomena are expressed. Kristin Tårnesvik has participated in a number of exhibitions at home and abroad. Tårnesvik is from Kåfjord in Troms but lives in Oslo.

She often works in experimental and intuitive production processes where design, size, color and material use come to the fore during the process. For Tårnesvik, it is about being in a slowness where she can spend time with, and test different materials and variations of slow and almost mechanical work techniques. She often works with series and variations on themes, based on a specific method.

Contributing to the exhibition:
Textiles: Synnøve Mo
Woodwork: Reidar Breivik
Text: Line Ulekleiv
Music at the opening: Niilas
Curatorial work: Hilde Methi