Katarina Pirak Sikku – Almmiravdda ivnnit


Exhibition period: 09/08/21 – 05/09/21


There is something that awakens in me when the leaves have fallen, the cold has arrived and nature is preparing for the idleness of winter. It is a calm, a silence, but also somewhat melancholic. I go out in the blue hour, the hour when darkness outcompetes the sun’s rays, all for the sake of getting my eyes used to the darkness. I also like walking on half-frozen ground as it gives way to my weight and I sink down through the frozen ground. I experience nothing but nature – no pencils, no paper, no camera. It’s nature and me.

It’s something I’m trying to capture, I do not know what it is, I have searched since 1997 and will continue to search. I share my process with you here.

– Katarina Pirak Sikku


Photo from the exhibition Almmiravdda ivnnit
Photographer: Katarina Pirak Sikku