Exhibitors: Hilde Skancke Pedersen and Kenneth Hætta.

Vuorrolávvla can be translated as “responsory” or “antiphon” in English. In the art exhibited here, Skancke Pedersen and Hætta have both worked on the same image.


Skancke Pedersen, a visual artist, and Hætta, a photographer, have moved into each other’s areas in each work of art, challenging their boundaries by searching new ways of expression. The theme of the exhibition, “antiphon”, is not only based on the harmony between the artists’ expressions but also on the shared features of the world’s indigenous cultures such as common destiny and strong cultural expressions.

All the works of art draw from the music, visual culture, nature and living conditions of various indigenous regions, and each one has got its title from an indigenous area or a place inhabited by indigenous people. The artists have used music from different places in the world in order to find an impulse to create what can be described as abstract image letters. The music can also be experienced at the exhibition.