Video Art from Phillipine

The video program consists seven works by six artists produced by Small Projects (Tromsø) an artist run gallery. The video program is a part of an on-going survey of Contemporary Video Art in the Philippines.

13/02 – 04/04/2021

The works reflect the present state of contemporary Philippine society.


Curator is Jet Pascua.
The Artists: Jonathan Olarte, Pat Kay Laudencia, Roberth Fuentes, Isola Tong, Baldemor Bagabaldo and Rico Entico.

Duration 31:06 min.


The birth of Philippine video art can be traced back to the experimental filmmakers of the 1970’s, who had interactions with German filmmakers such as Harun Farocki, Werner Herzog and many more through workshops and screenings organized by the Goethe Institut Manila, as well as the establishment of the Mowelfund (Movie Workers Welfare Foundation). Its contemporary practice is also partly influenced by the conceptual artist and art professor, Roberto Chabet.

Small Projects is founded in Manila by Filipino artist Jet Pascua. The video screening is a cooperation between SDG and Small Projects.


1.     Hollow Blocks
Jonathan Olarte (1993)
The video is a walk around, and through a community that is being forcefully evicted by a private corporation.

2.     Passenger
Pat Kay Laudencia (1997)
Passenger is about the feeling of exhaustion, isolation and fear that accompanies a woman’s daily commute across Manila.

3.     Basura (Waste)
Roberth Fuentes (1992)
A performative video and a kind of exorcism of the many issues of Bantayan Island, where the artist lives.

4.     The Wrath of Yorac
Isola Tong (1987)
Referencing a character named Yorac from a 1992 film on environmental spirits, the video is part of a series called “Trans Interiorities” where Isola explores their trans subjectivity, (trans)sexuality, ecology, anxieties, intimacies, their HIV and becomings.

5.     I’ve Been Here
Jonathan Olarte (1993)
A dramatized documentary on (((o)))’s attempt to escape the apparent realities of modern day society.

6.     Sins Senses Saints
Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo (1993)
Sins Senses Saints is an experimental video about the pressure of conforming to the society.

7.     Precedence of Life According to Mr. Ped Xing
Rico Entico (b.1980)
A day in the life of the traffic light man.


Profile photo: Basura (Waste) by Robert Fuentes, Art video. Photo: SDG/Anita Bjørnback