Time for Sculpture #2

An exhibition characterized by power and vitality

The exhibition Time for Sculpture # 2 – sisti, sáras ja streaŋga is number two in the series of three, where the starting point for the exhibition are works of art and objects from RDM – The Sami Art collection, and where there is focus on sculpture, installation and objects.

The viewing period is 1. – 31. March 2019.

Works by 13 artists:
Works by the following artists constitute the exhibition; Daban Da (Gjert Rognli and Asbjørn Forsøget), May Elin Eikås Bjerk, Folke Fjällström, Rose-Marie Huuva, Svein Flygari Johansen, Annelise Josefsen, Aslaug Juliussen, Per-Isak Juuso, Håvard Larsen, Patrik Marakatt, Lena Stenberg and Ingunn Eldbjørg Utsi .

In the first exhibition there was focus on wood as material, which included: the relationship between duodji and sculpture was highlighted. In this new exhibition there is a freer approach, but thematically the works of art have a “softer” side. There are works by artists who use leather, fiber, textile, wire (steel wire) and canvas in various ways that have been selected for the exhibition. Three smaller decorated drums by Håvard Larsen, Per Isak Juuso and Patrik Marakatt are the starting point in the exhibition. Such drums are some of the oldest ornate objects we know in the Sami culture. Drum is the expression of something ritual, the same can be said about the video of the artist duo Daban Da, but also the sculptures of Rose-Marie Huuva can provide such associations.

Different use of leather and fiber can be found at Aslaug Juliussen, which includes: uses horse fibers in installations, Rose-Marie Huuva uses fur, reindeer skin and pollack in objects and sculptures, Svein Flygari Johansen has with reindeer skin in a video installation and Ingunn Utsi uses polar bear skins in two sculptures. Sculptures with a varied material use such as. We see steel wire, textile and vinyl at Folke Fjällström, Annelise Josefsen and Lena Stenberg.

The sun is back and a painting by May Elin Eikås Bjerk is a symbol of this, it has an abstract form, but the motif is like sunlight.

The curator is Kristoffer Dolmen, SDG.


Collaboration between SDG and RDM
The exhibition is part of a new collaboration project between Sami Center for Contemporary Art (SDG) and RiddoDuottarMuseat (RDM). Information about the project can be obtained by contacting Director Kristoffer Dolmen.