The Sámi Parliament’s art purchases 2018-2020

EXHIBITION: The Sami Parliament’s art purchases 2018-2020!

Exhibition period: 13/02 – 04/04/2021

The exhibition consists of 38 works that the Sami Parliament’s Purchasing Committee for Contemporary Arts and Crafts, Eva Aira and Geir Tore Holm have chosen to purchase with funds from the Sami Parliament. The exhibition consists of paintings, sculptures documented on film, objects, video installation, design products, drawings, graphics, embroidery and duodji.


Geir Tore Holm says the following about the purchases:

–  The choices reflect on the exhibition activity among Sámi artists during the period, but also on what the committee has chosen to emphasize. The purchases will incorporate younger artists, historically important works, and supplement the collection by preserving and showing established artistry and interesting periods for posterity. Previous purchases have been taken into consideration and overall assessments are continuously made to ensure that the collection will slowly but surely become representative as a substantial treasure chest and source of power for the Sámi community and the, rest of the world. It is important for the purchasing scheme to keep an eye on older works and artists that have not been previously included in the collection to a greater extent.


Works by the following artists have been purchased

Laila Mari Brandsfjell
Ramona Salo Myrseth
Máret Ánne Sara
Aage Gaup
Britta Marakatt-Labba
Eva Delving Wiklund
Kristin Tårnesvik
Folke Fjällström
Outi Pieski
Raisa Porsanger
Susanne Hætta


The Sami Parliament’s Purchasing Committee for Contemporary Arts and Crafts 2018-2020:

Geir Tore Holm
Eva Aira

Aino Hivand – deputy member
Biret Rávdná Länsman – deputy member

A booklet has been made for the exhibition with text by Geir Tore Holm.


Due to local and national restrictions in connection with COVID-19, an opening event is unfortunately cancelled, but the gallery is open for visitors.


Artwork: Alážis, 2018. Outi Pieski. Photo: EMMA/ Ari Karttunen.