Project- Show Me Colour

Show Me Colour: Resist, Stand Up, Advocate

Tråante 2017, 5 – 12 February, Trondheim


Show Me Colour is a series of events and realizations articulating contemporary Sami expression. In a multilateral and interdisciplinary encounter between aesthetics and politics, Show Me Colour includes exhibitions, performances, actions, talks and more. Featuring more than ten Sami artists of various disciplines, Show Me Colour premieres with activities throughout the centennial celebration week, Tråante 2017, in February in Trondheim.

Show Me Colour weighs contemporary Sami art in its political address in response to the centennial of the first pan-Sápmi meeting and to the challenges of the post-colonial and political present. The project invites new works and contributions by Sami artists, that in their artistic practices assess charged issues of the day while exploring political registers of contemporary art.

Show Me Colour includes solo projects by Synnøve Persen and Geir Tore Holm. Synnøve Persen’s exhibition Who´s Afraid?Gii Ballá? consists of a series of new monochrome oil paintings, which reactivate the artist’s original 1977 proposal for a Sami flag, crafted in the midst of the then critical and vigorous struggle for aesthetic and political autonomy. Geir Tore Holm evokes the solar orbit in a meditative installation engaging environmental values and the ecological crisis.


Marita Isobel Solberg puts on a charged performance under the title Metaphors of the Maritime Sami/Laponis Metaphoris de Mare. While the anonymous artist- and activist collective Suohpanterrror continues their decolonial project, contributing a performance, new posters and animations. Anders Sunna collaborates with Sofia Jannok in a combined live painting and music event. The newly founded Sami Girl Gang will distribute T-shirts and slogans while Geir Tore Holm and Elina Waage add a sound- and text piece. In addition, a roundtable conversation with artists Sissel M Bergh and Anders Sunna will be held, discussing political practices and their efficacy within contemporary Sami art.


Show Me Colour is produced by Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš/Sami Center for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art and RAKE Visningsrom. Show Me Colour is supported by the Sami Parliament of Norway, the Cultural Council of Norway and the Sami Parliament of Sweden.