Rose-Marie Huuva | JURDDAŠ


The exhibition shows a selection of Rose-Marie Huuva’s artistic productions from different parts of her career, but there are also a couple of new works made for this exhibition. Huuva works with material-based techniques that share likeness with duodji.

Her works reflects on Sámi history and her own identity. In this exhibition you will see installations, sculptures and objects in different formats and materials. The artist extensively uses organic materials such as leather and fur, mainly from reindeer. She has also used textiles in her art throughout her career. 


Who is Rose-Marie Huuva?

Huuva was born in 1943 in Gabna Sámi village in Čohkkiras (Jukkasjärvi), and today she lives in Giron (Kiruna). She has been an active author, visual artist, artisan and duodji performer for over 50 years. She is considered a renowned voice in her generation of Sámi artists.


No opening event

Due to the escalation of covid in Kárášjohka, there will be no opening event.

We have also canceled guided group tours at the gallery until the covid situation stabilizes. You are still welcome to visit the exhibitions during our opening hours. We encourage our visitors to please wash hands, wear mask and keep distance. Stay at home if you have any symptoms. Maximum 10 visitors indoors in the gallery at the same time.

We encourage everyone to follow covid infection control rules. Thank you for contributing.


Photo: “Áhkku 448 vuorkká”, 2006. Photographer: Liv Engholm.