Exhibitors: Per Adde, Matti Aikio, Asbjørn Forsøget, Aage Gaup, Trygve Lund Guttormsen, Annelise Josefsen, Aslaug Juliussen, Britta Marakatt Labba, Mathis Nango, Hege Annestad Nilsen, Hilde Skancke Pedersen / Kennth Hætta, Synnøve Persen, Outi Pieski, Alf Salo, Elisabet Aalsos Strand, Anders Sunna, Ingun Utsi, Eva Delving Wiklund.

The Sámi Artists’ Center SDG will move.

Everyone is excited about the new facilities, but we are also slightly sad to leave the old facilities. They have served the SDG for 14 years, with many people following the activities of the center faithfully.


Artists create great pieces of art. But when a work of art hangs from a hook in the studio, hidden away, it doesn’t seem so great. It doesn’t really begin to live until it meets the audience. It gets its value when the artist takes the chance and sends the work out into the world, to the audience. The experience of the public launches a two-way process. The experience is always personal; every individual is in possession of his or her experience which is different from that of everyone else. And here is the basis for this exhibition in which our time in our old facilities culminates.

A while ago, we sent an invitation to all those who have faithfully come to our exhibitions, to the former and present employees of the Center, and to the members of the Sámi Artists’ Union. In the invitation, we asked which works of art they would want to see again of the art that we have displayed in our exhibitions. A work of art that hit them in the heart, brain or stomach; a work of art that gave them an experience they will never forget.

We have got many proposals, and some people have almost bubbled over with great art experiences.  It was good for our Art Council and us who now work at the Center to get this response. We realized that there is an audience out there, many people who have had a number of fine art experiences at our exhibitions.  Mediation of art is a huge task, and this is exactly what this is all about: being able to mediate and convey. Now we know for sure that the artists and exhibitions of the Sámi Artists’ Center have reached out to the hearts of the audience.

We bid you all welcome to the Reexhibition by Request, to experience anew art that has been displayed earlier, and to say farewell to the old Sámi Artists’ Center.


We thank all of you who have sent us your proposals.