Remembrance: When Shapes and Shadows Speak

The exhibition presents the most recent artworks of Tomas Colbengtson, created in the 2018–2022 period. Colbengtson addresses the themes of remembrance and colonial history within the Sami region. Uniting different modalities, such as printmaking, glass, and installation, the visual expression translates into dialogue with the space of the exhibition and timeline of his research material—dealing with language and religion prohibition in the Sami area, racial biological research conducted at Uppsala University, and cultural oppression. Visitors can immerse themselves in the material by entering the library within the installation.

The archive material incorporates his personal storytelling in the site-specific installation at the Sami Centre for Contemporary Art. This installation features the memories of the artist’s childhood, the nature and culture of the indigenous community, and the past and present layers of socio-cultural palimpsest within the Sami region.

Tomas Colbengtson was born in 1957 in the Sami village of Tärnaby in Sweden. He was educated at Idun Lovén Art School (1984–1986), Konstfack (MFA) (1986–1991), and Valand Academy (1995–1996). He has been working as a professional artist since 1991. He is the founder of Sápmi salasta residence. Find more information about the artist at

Artist: Tomas Colbengtson
Curator: Marija Griniuk

Press Conference 22.09.2022 at 12.00
Exhibition opens 22.09.2022 at 19:00