Production Grants

Open Call: Production Grants for Visual Artists in Sápmi for 2019

Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš (SDG) / Sami Center for Contemporary Art, announces 2 production grants to visual artists who wish to work with site-specific projects (outdoors or indoors). The Gratns are made possible through delegated funds from Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH) to SDG.

1. Grant of 50,000, –

2. Grant of 50,000, –

Production grants can be applied by artists with membership in SDS or with other sami connection. There is no requirement for membership in SDS, but to have education/practice that qualifies for membership in Nordic artist organizations.

Other application criteria:

  • The project is initiated by an artist and takes place outside a ordinary gallery space • The project must be presented publicly
  • Co-Partners is allowed
  • Other project funding is allowed
  • The project is carried out in the areas traditionally included in Sápmi (except Russia) • Project must be completed before October 1st. 2019

Application Requirements:

  • Artists must show affiliation with Sápmi
  • Short project description (max 1 page), with sketches/images (max 3 images) and budget • Geographical – where?
  • CV
  • Send application with attachment to
  • Application deadline: December 20, 2018.

Applications are reviewed by the Sami Center for Contemporary Artistic Advisers, the Board makes the final decision. The applications can be written in northern Sami, norwegian or in english.

The result is announced on SDG’s website and a separate press release. Reporting for use of funds by December 1, 2019.

For questions regarding this Open Call, contact Kristoffer Dolmen, Director SDG.