Performance Studies Sápmi



Saturday 15 June

12:00 p.m.  Guoddi DÁIDDADÁLLU 10 YEARS
At the intersection between Sámi tradition and modern art, this performance unfolds as a dialogue between avant-garde duodji and performing arts. Dancer Ánna-Katri Helander (SA), composer Anthoni Hætta (SA), designer and duojár Ann-Sofie Kallok (SA) and dancer Sebastian Björkman (SA) intertwine dance and music in an expression of cultural synthesis, creating an interdisciplinary tapestry of movement and sound.

13:00 p.m Lunch with guests and performance artists

14:00 p.m Dr. Jelena Škulis (LT) will share her experience of getting involved in communities during creative practice. The process will be led by a short workshop.

15:00 p.m Workshop by Dr. Adomas Danusevičius (LT) is aimed to elevate intuition, creativity, selfawareness, interconnectedness, embodiment, compassion, understanding of each other emotions and etc. 

17:00 p.m Dinner with performance artists and guests


Sunday 16 June

12:00 p.m workshop, Laila Labba (SA) Welcome to the workshop “Sami Symbols” with Laila Labba!  About the artist Laila Labba: Laila is from Karasjok and holds a bachelor’s degree in illustration from The University of Huddersfield (2020).

13:00 p.m Lunch with guests and performance artists

14:00 p.m Collaboration between Sami and Baltic artists: Marit Bringedal Anti (SA) and Greta Balčiūnaitė (LT)

15:00 p.m Performance by Vaida Tamoševičiūtė (LT)

16:00 p.m Dr. Marija Griniuk (LT) in her performance works with the Arctic moss as the symbol for endurance.

17:00 p.m Performance presentation by Prof. Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė

18:00 p.m Dinner with performance artists and guests


Monday 17 June

12:00 p.m Collaboration between Sami and Baltic artists: Ina Tretnes (SA) and Milda Paukštė (LT)

13:00 p.m Lunch with guests and performance artists

14:00 p.m Performance by Giedrė Mačiulaitytė (LT)

15:00 p.m Dr. Marija Griniuk performative actions into the archive of the lands.

16:00 p.m Kaspar Aus (EST) „Dancing Karasjok“ The performance is a journey through Karasjok to create the memories which dissolve into the universe through our bodies.

17:00 p.m Studio visit to SDG artists-in-residence Laila Labba (SA) and Ulivia Uviluk (CA)

18.00 p.m Dinner with performance artists and guests


Tuesday 18 June

16:00 p.m Suoidnekaboom DÁIDDADÁLLU 10 YEARS

In Suoidnekaboom, reindeer stomachs and senna grass meet with performing arts and living bodies. The work explores the physical materials in relation to the materials’ inherent potential, cultural use and context.

By visual artist and artist director Maret Anne Sara, actor Anja Saiva Bongo Bjørnstad, actor Anitta Katriina Suikkari, visual artist Li Taiga and choreographer Alexandra Wingate. 

Supported by Dáiddadállu, Dáiddafoanda, Arts and Culture Norway and Davvi center for performing art.



Performance Studies in Sapmi: A Politically Charged Performance Festival