The Board of the Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš Foundation (SDG), the Sami Centre for Contemporary Art, has appointed 38 year old Marija Griniuk as the forthcoming director of the art centre. The appointment is for a four year period. The SDG received five applications for the position of director. Of these Griniuk’s application was outstanding. 


Griniuk is from Lithuania and has a Ukrainian background. She has lived in Copenhagen for several years. She speaks Danish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, English, Russian and elementary Polish. She has a thorough art education with extensive experience in management, curation, dissemination, economics and marketing. She also does research and is now completing her doctoral work at the Arctic Art and Design faculty at the University of Rovaniemi. 

Griniuk has initiated and produced a number of major art projects in Lithuania and Denmark. She has also been involved in projects in the North Calotte/in Sápmi.

Because she works as a visual artist, researcher, curator and leader in the art field she has relevant experience in all the fields that SDG requires in a director. 


Griniuk is moving to Karasjok with her family and will take up the post on 25 July 2022.