My Origin, My Culture

Geir Nustad

My Origin, My Culture


Exhibition opening 01.07.2023 at 18:00


Geir Nustad’s exhibition “My Origin, My Culture” is a  reflection on his family’s origins in the Sami geographical area and Sami culture. Through his extensive research and exploration of the spiritual world and everyday life of the Sami people, Nustad has created a series of three-dimensional objects and installations that are a testament to his rediscovery of his Sami heritage as an artist.

Nustad’s fascination with the traditional Sami craft duodji is evident in his work, which focuses primarily on glass art. He has taken inspiration from traditional wooden carved drinking cups, knives, and drums, and translated them into stunning glass sculptures that are integrated into his sculptural installations. By doing so, Nustad has breathed new life into these objects, taking them out of their usual setting and presenting them in a new and exciting way.

One of the unique aspects of glass art is that the creative process itself is just as important as the aesthetic outcome. As such, Nustad is planning to hold a demonstration of his creative production before the exhibition opening, where visitors can witness firsthand the process of his artistic production.

Nustad’s installations reflect on the complex history of the Sami people and their colonial past, which involved the separation of Sami families and a longing for their own culture and traditions. The various elements of his installations represent the chapters in his personal journey of reconnecting with his Sami heritage and discovering his place within it.

Geir Nustad holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s glass department in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2012). He has also participated in various masterclasses in glass art and design, including a masterclass with Devide Fuin Glasblaserij at the National glass museum in Leerdam in 2020 and a masterclass with Martin Janecky in 2016.


Guest exhibitor: Silja Skoglund