Leŋges hearggi / En färd genom nätternas natt / Mátki ijaid ija čađa

Fredrik Prost (b. 1980) is a duojár and author who published his book, titled “Leŋges hearggi, sáhčal fatnasa,” in 2023, which discusses Sámi shamanism. Prost has over 20 years of experience researching Sámi spiritual traditions and uses poetry, ancient sources, and stories to vividly illustrate Sámi spiritual heritage. His primary focus is on duodji, a field he has worked in for over 25 years, becoming deeply familiar with it through his craft. He has been invited multiple times to speak and hold courses on Sámi spirituality across Sápmi. One of his works, a piece titled “Tidstrumman,” was exhibited at the Östasiatiska Museum in Stockholm in 2022. Prost is a craftsman, artist, and writer whose work strongly reflects Sámi culture, craftsmanship, and spirituality. Through his writings, he conveys a heartfelt and profound understanding of the relationship between humans, the elements, and nature.

Inga-Wiktoria Påve (b. 1990) is an artist who collaborated with Prost on the book “Leŋges hearggi, sáhčal fatnasa.” Based on Prost’s narratives, Påve created beautiful, evocative illustrations that add a unique dimension to the book. She has previously illustrated books that have been nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. Påve is a visual artist, craftsman, and artist. Her art brings forth multifaceted stories where human emotions and significant elements are depicted with dramatic movement and light. In her art, she focuses on Sámi ancestral stories, everyday life, and the deep spiritual life of the Sámi people.

In the exhibition titled Leŋges hearggi / En färd genom nätternas natt / Mátki ijaid ija čađa Påve and Prost present the artistic aspects of the book, where they aim to highlight selected illustrations from the book. Prost has created three drums that are central to the exhibition space. Each drum is connected to different Sámi regions. Prost has spent over 20 years gaining knowledge about the traditions of these regions, and he has previously created and studied shaman drums. Prost first presented this multi-layered exhibition at the Sámi duodji house in Jokkmokk’s Winter Market in 2017, and it was then that Prost decided that his drums would be exclusively owned by Sámi people to ensure that the tradition remains deeply rooted within the Sámi community, as it was before. This exhibition is an extension of both the book and Prost’s first exhibition in Jokkmokk. Prost’s drums and Påve’s visual art together present a unique, multifaceted story to viewers who can delve into an eternal world through the exhibition.