Exhibitors: Ingrunn O. Myrland og Ann Kristin Aas.

IOMAKA work includes objects and spatial installation, they transform and stage materials and objects based on the thematic, tactile and associative potential.


Ingrunn O. Myrland and Ann Kristin Aas work individually with their own work, but is based on a common theme. The work examines the considerations of concepts remains and imprints. It’s all about storytelling; creating experiences of recognizing something as a remembrance, a stored experience. IOMAKA preying on the ambiguous, that feeling of something beautiful and while uncomfortable.

IOMAKA consists of Ingrunn O. Myrland and Ann Kristin Aas (Both f.1976). They have collaborated on exhibition projects since 2010. They both received work grants, project support, and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Norway and abroad, both individually and as a duo. Both are active with directorship positions in various boards in the artfield and Aas are to operate artist collective/literature house House of Foundation.



Ingrunn O. Myrland

Ann Kristin Aas