Exhibitor: Inger Blix Kvammen.

Poetry-performance by Synnøve Persen and Roger Ludvigsen.

Inger Blix Kvammens works deals with themes of migration and cultural exchange across borders, particularly in the context of indigenous cultures throughout the Barents region. The three projects in this exhibition is a result of traveling to North West Russia, – Nennig Autonomous Ukrug and traveling to the South Caucasus, – to towns and villages in the border area between Turkey and Armenia.


The stories in the MEMORY projects is mainly about indigenous cultures, about meetings between different cultures and about migrations and cultural exchange across borders. Impressions converted in objects and photography excels by being stronger and more vivid than documentaric reproductions or depictions of everyday life and everyday culture of different types of societies, and is the result of both the cool intellect reflection of senses and emotions. Every single work reproduces impressions forming composite stories. It is the sum of large and small events, experiences and encounters that establishes a cognitive bridge between art and society, where everyday knowledge is an important part of the exhibition didactics and content, where one can be able to ask the basic existential questions “Who am I?” “Why am I the way I am?” “Where do I come from?” and “Where am I going?”.

Kvammen has developed aunique method of using textile techniques like knitting, crochet and embroidery in metal that conceptually combines decorative forms as necklaces or bracelets with stories and symbolic elements. Form, base materials, the craftsmanship and conceptual execution and by combination and incorporation of various materials and photography, conveys impressions from meetings with people and culture. Some works have lyrics that are an important part of the storytelling – as fragments from or evidence of life lived.


Inger Blix Kvammen is one of the founders of and producer of the cultural production company Pikene på Broen in Kirkenes. She has received several grants from, among others, Norwegian Culture, Sami Artists Association and Finnmark County Council and is purchased by the Sami Parliament, Northern Norwegian Art Museum, Norwegian Council and other public and private institutions.