Communication of the project Fápmu from the Sámi Artists’ Association

20.01.2024 13:00

Chair of the Sámi Artists’ Association, Lene E. Westerås, and member of the Sámi Artists’ Association, Hilde Skancke Pedersen, talk about the art project Fápmu and showcase images from the exhibition of the same name, along with some original works featured in the exhibition.

The Fápmu exhibition was displayed at Alta Art Association in the fall of 2023. 49 artists, all members of the Sámi Artists’ Association, presented works where they sought inspiration from the strength of their ancestors while looking towards the future. “What thoughts, feelings, and images are associated with the concept of Fápmu/Strength?” was the task given to the artists in the project invitation. The participating artists provided a varied and broad interpretation of the concept through their exhibited works. Westerås and Skancke Pedersen were curators of the project and will take you on a tour of the exhibition’s core, sharing challenges along the way. Several of the works are now at SDG and can be examined more closely during and after the presentation.

At the opening of the exhibition in Alta, Anne Henriette Nilut, political advisor in the Sámi Parliament, stated, “Sámi art and Sámi artists have achieved a lot since the establishment of the Sámi Artists’ Association, especially in terms of visibility. It is indicative that much Sámi art is more recognized and exhibited abroad than it is in national institutions. At the same time, we know that there are still many challenges on the path to creating safe and predictable frameworks for Sámi artists to practice their art. As part of the upcoming reconciliation efforts, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission proposes, among other things, to strengthen the Sámi artist organizations, something the Sámi Parliament fully supports.

Fápmu is a powerful exhibition created by strong artists with strong messages, showing us the strength of community and standing together.”

SDG invites you to a pleasant moment with discussions about art and light refreshments.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour