Elisabet Alsos Strand

Elisabet Alsos Strand explores the realm of paper and print through woodcut prints and artists´ books.

Strand’s imagery is heavily influenced by the powerful and rugged landscapes of North, and the living conditions through the dramatic seasonal shifts from long, dark winter nights to endless summer days. Another prominent theme in her work is our impact on nature and the other species we coexist with.

In Japanese art, like haiku poetry, her work seeks inspiration in its interest and sympathy for all creatures in nature, like insects. It may have to do with the Japanese culture´s preoccupation with the fleeting and perishable; respect for all living things and harmony with nature.

Born in Mo i Rana, near the Arctic Circle in Norway, Strand also spent 5 years of her childhood living in France and Madagascar with her family. Today, she resides in Trondheim.

With an MFA from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and a doctoral degree in art from the Matejko Art Academy in Krakow, Poland, Strand has participated in numerous exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

Her works are showcased in public and private collections, and she has been awarded several public art commissions. She is an initiator and coordinator of several international collaborations and exhibitions. Strand has undertaken multiple study visits to Japan and regularly teaches Japanese woodcut techniques.