Duodji in Focus: Horn & Bone

THE EXHIBITION: Duodji in focus: horn & bone!

The exhibition shows a selection of duodji and dáiddaduodji (sami arts and crafts) from the collection at RiddoDuottarMuseat-Sami Art collection.



The collections of RiddoDuottarMuseat-Sami Art collection consist works in different materials and techniques, and show a distinctive Sami expression in its entirety. This exhibition is based on the materials antler and bone, materials that have a central place in the Sámi handicraft, Duodji. Works with traditional Sámi form and ornamentation and works that are not immediately recognized as Sámi, made by Sámi artisans and artists, are displayed here.

Reindeer antlers are often the only component of the piece, but can also be used in combination with wood or silver. The antlers with the highest quality for duodji production are the antlers from the male reindeer, and the parts of the antlers closest to the base are most beneficial for the craft. The antlers are shaped by the diet, the ‘social life’ of the reindeer, and the reindeer’s physical health. A bony antler is strong and easier to engrave and bend. It is important to choose the right antlers. Excess parts of the antlers should not be set aside; sparse and thoughtful use of the antlers are an essential aspect of the duojár’s (Sámi artisan) work.

There are also strict rules on how to work with the decorative design of the pieces. Traditional patterns from different areas should not be used in the same piece, but one is allowed to experiment with designs within one’s regional area in order to develop one’s own distinctive style



Jon Ole Andersen, Mihku Biehtár / Petteri Laiti, Fredrik Prost, Sune Enoksson, Arne Joma, Per Isak Juuso, Per-Stefan Idivuoma, Johan Rist, Martin Kuorak, Nils-Johan Labba, Lars Erik Marsja,  Per Aira, Olavi Sakari Saijets, Stig Berqvist, Per N. Blind, Nils Jonas Persson, Jonathan Suorra, Folke Fjällström, Aslaug Juliussen, Olof Svonni, Lars Pirak, Sven Åke Risfjell, Thomas Magnusson, Thomas Marainen, Ronald Senungetuk

The exhibition is part of the collaborative project Sami pedagogical method for art and cultural communication 2019 – 2021 between Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš / Sami Center for Contemporary Art and RDM-Sámi Dáiddamagasiidna / Sami Art Magazine. The project’s purpose is to convey exhibitions from a Sami perspective, through exhibiting art from the collections at RDM-Sámi Dáiddamagasiidna / Sami Art Magazine.


Photo: Folke Fjällström, No title.  Prod. 1980’s.  

Photographer: Kjell Ove Storvik.