BKH Scholarship Recipients 2024

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the BKH production scholarship for 2024. These remarkable artists have been recognized for their outstanding projects and their commitment to exploring diverse narratives and perspectives.



Lena Stenberg

Lena Stenberg’s project intertwines archaeology, history, storytelling, and artistic practice. Through old photographs, Stenberg has succeeded in finding a way back to the family’s summer residence, and in collaboration with Tromsø municipality and the Sami Parliament, she wants to erect a gamme on the place. The documentation and dissemination of her project at the Nordnorsk kunstmuseum are integral parts of her scholarship application.


Hans Ragnar Mathisen and Lin Pei-Han

An enduring cross-cultural collaboration between two artists, Hans Ragnar Mathisen and Lin Pei-Han, has been recognized for its promotion of cultural and artistic exchange. Their exploration of indigenous identity, cultural struggles, and activism forms the foundation of their artistic work, shedding light on the impact of modernization on traditional ways of life. The jury regards their cross-border and intergenerational dialogue as a vital project to be showcased at SDG in 2026.


Marte Lill Somby

Marte Lill Somby’s upcoming solo exhibitions in Sápmi in 2024 and 2025, at SDG and AZK respectively, promise to be powerful platforms for her art. The jury emphasizes her ongoing project, “Written in Stone,” which addresses the experiences of Sami women who have faced psychological, physical, or sexual violence and abuse in close relationships in Sápmi. Her work, spanning photography, sculpture, language, and sound, brings these stories to light in profound ways.


Liselotte Wajstedt

Liselotte Wajstedt embarks on a journey to explore its resonance with joik, the traditional Sami vocal art. Through movement, dance, and instruments, she seeks to capture the essence of nature’s soundscapes. Her work takes the form of short film, animation, images and sound.



Congratulations to Lena Stenberg, Hans Ragnar Mathisen, Lin Pei-Han, Marte Lill Somby, and Liselotte Wajstedt on receiving the BKH scholarship for 2024!