What are you alone

What are you alone


Exhibition opening 01.07.2023 at 18:00


What are you alone is an exhibition that honours everyone working for the Sámi community. We have many individuals in our society who have made a great effort for our future. Some are sharing knowledge with future generations, some are defending our rights, some are taking care of our traditions and land, and some are telling our stories.

The exhibition is curated by Laila Susanna Kuhmunen, Berit Kristine Andersen Guvsám and Sandra Márjá West. Researcher and curator Tuija Hautala-Hirvioja has been an advisor. The exhibition is a collaboration between Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš and RiddoDuottarMuseat.


Anderson, Ellen Kitok; Andersen, Jon Ole; Brandsfjell Laila;  Fjällström, Folke; Gaup, Aage; Guttormsen, Trygve Lund; Helander, Liisa; Huuva, Rose-Marie; Kielatis, Lisbeth; Laiti, Petteri; Marainen, Randi; Marakatt-Labba, Britta; Mathisen, Hans Ragnar; Pedersen, Hilde Skancke;  Pieski, Outi; Turunen Anniina; Rist, Johan; Sara, Máret Ánne; Siri, Hege; Tårnesvik, Kristin; Utsi, Ingunn Eldbjørg