Traveling Alone

Marte Lill Somby (b. 1987) is educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø. Somby is inspired by nature, culture, and identity, and works with a variety of techniques such as photography, graphics, sculptural installations, and drawing. Through materials and inspiration from nature, she creates material-based works connected to the body and mind.

In the exhibition “Reiser alene” (“Traveling Alone”), you will embark on a journey through what has left its mark on Somby’s life. Somby has explored her identity over several years of work, using various natural materials such as stone, spruce, sisti (home-tanned reindeer skin), paper, and bones/skeletons, tied to themes such as abuse, mental health, and death. The exhibition showcases her reflections and thoughts on life’s experiences.

Somby has been acquired by several institutions, such as the New York Public Library, the Sámi Parliament’s acquisition scheme in Norway, NRK, Troms and Finnmark County Municipality. She is also represented with a work in Queen Sonja’s Art Stable collection. Somby has participated in several national and international exhibitions.