Tonje Plur: Life as it happens

Pop-up exhibition at Easter:

Tonje Plur will talk about her work on 16 April at 18.00.

16.  – 20. April, opening times 11:00  – 16.00.

Tonje Plur is a clothes designer, with a master’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017. She also has a craft certificate in dress and costume sewing and a background in textile crafts. Her designs are characterised by textile surface techniques, knitting and colours.


My work lies in theintersection oftextile art and clothes design. My work with clothes and textiles are a way to express myself. A selection from my latest collection is on display at the exhibition, including theoutfit Čammothat has been bought by the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, says Plur.

The inspiration for Tonje’s latest collection comes from her friends in Karasjok and their social media accounts. The collection can be seen as a collage of all this. Nature, partying, snow scooters, ATVs and dogs are intertwined with each other, brought together in this collection and expressed through silhouettes and textile surfaces.

Together with the collection Marvin Pope and Tonje Plur are showing a film made with help from people in Karasjok. The idea behind the film is to see the clothes in the context that inspired the whole idea for the collection.


It’s several years since I spent a short time living in Karasjok, but I have regularly been back to visit friends and spend holidays with my partner’s family. Through my collection and the film I wish to show what I enjoy about being up here, Tonje Plur concludes.