Time for Sculpture #1

This exhibition focuses on the use of wood as the main material in sculptures and objects. This traditional use of wood has a special significance in Sápmi in both sculpture and duodji. 

Iver Jåks has a particular importance in this connection not only as a considerable artist but also as an inspiration for those artists who came after him. The exhibition is one of a series of three that explores how Sami artists operate with 3 dimensional works as objects, sculptures and installations. The exhibits are based on loans from the Sami art depot in Karasjok. Three exhibitions will be shown for shorter periods parallel with the exhibition of Aase Texmon Rygh’s work.


Participating artists:

Jon Ole Andersen, Folke Fjällström, Aage Gaup, Annelise Josefsen, Per Isak Juuso, Iver Jåks, Håvard Larsen, Max Lundström, Randi Marainen, Margrethe Pettersen, Maj-Lis Skaltje and Ingunn Utsi.


The curator for the exhibition series Time for Sculpture / Muoras – árdnanis SDG director Kristoffer Dolmen.

This exhibition is presented in cooperation with SDG and RiddoDuottarMuseat, (RDM).