SDG TechnoLab Opens!

SDG TechnoLab Opens!

TechnoLab is always under construction, but is now ready to receive its first visitors.

TechnoLab is a place where you can bring your design/art/prototyping/coding/repair idea or project and make use of our tools and lab technician to help you bring it to life.

The lab is currently equipped with four soldering stations and various electronic components. Machines and tools for 3D printing, sewing, coding, and arduino-type projects are currently on the way.

The lab is open to all, and no prior experience is necessary or expected. However, please note that lab guests must be old enough and capable of using the lab’s tools and equipment safely after brief instructions. Younger guests are welcome, but they must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We are pleased to share photos from our secret opening, where guests built their first electronic instrument. We hope to see many more exciting projects come to life in our lab!

The lab technician is available Saturdays during normal opening hours or by appointment. Please note that the lab technician currently can speak with you in English or Danish.

We are thrilled to offer this resource to our community and look forward to seeing the innovative creations that come out of TechnoLab.

Next Techno-Lab session 29/04 12:00-15:00. Welcome!

06.05.2023 12:00–15:00

20.05.2023 12:00–15:00

27.05.2023 12:00–15:00