Duodje lávki

Exhibitor: Per Isak Juuso.

Per Isak Juuso has for over twenty years contributed to innovation in duodji / Sami handicrafts, and is a leader in the development of daidda duodji / modern Sami handicrafts.


The works exhibited are based on traditional handicrafts in materials such as metal, wood, horn and fabrics, and with generations of experience Per Isak Juuso holds a unique knowledge of material and technique. Combined with a sensitivity to symbolic or metaphorical form the works are as conceptually as handcrafting refined.

Based on their own cultural tradition, inspiration from traveling and operation to explore the material possibilities, Per Isak Juuso has developed a distinctive expression. The serie Ve-Mod, with over 100 sculptures crafted in bone and birch shows a tradition of knowledge about materials and a sensitivity to aesthetics and context, which is typical for his innovative work. Exquisite material combinations, minimalist and delicate executed and themes that revolve around interpersonal relationships. The expression in the work is amplified in the careful execution, and ambiguity in the works confirmed in material and content.


Per Isak Juuso (b. 1953) was born, lives and works in Mertajärvi. His parents were active reindeer herders and he learned handicraft from them. He is further trained in metal and design, among others with textile artist Wanja Djanaieff. Beside own work with exhibitions at home and abroad, he has taught duodji at Samernas people college in Jokkmokk and Sami College in Kautokeino. Per Isaac Juuso works have been purchased by government and other public bodies and private collections.