Northern Beauty


Sami Center for Contemporary Art organizies in cooperation with Kemi Art Museum a project of international cooperation: Northern Beauty, Barents Visual Arts in 1970 and 1980.


The network consists of Kemi Art Museum, University of Lapland, Faculty of Art, The Art Promotion center Finland, Konsthallen in Lulea, Sweden, the Sami Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok, Norway and Murmansk Regional Museum of Art in Russia.

The exhibition is touring in four countries, and showcases art based on the research project. The artists are chosen according to the cross-border cooperation they have done in the Barents Region in 1970 – and 1980’s. The study will be presented in a publication that will be completed to the last view of the exhibition in Murmansk Art Museum in December 2014 .


The traveling exhibition includes 49 works of art and each exhibitionvenue adds their own national artists that complement the exhibition.
Participating artists from Finland: Olavi Korolainen, Hope Hoskari, Liisa Rautiainen and Hermann – Pekka Kyro.
Participating artists from Sweden: Gun Johansson, Rune Wanle, Sture Berglund and Tex Berg.
Participating artists from Norway: Kåre Kivijärvi, Synnøve Persen, Iver Jåks and Eeva Henna Aalto.
Participating artists from Russia:  Nikolai Morozov, A. Morozov, Anatoly Sergienko, Vitaly Bubentsov, Vasily Baranov, Alexander Feofilaktov, M. Kirin and Tatiana Kovaleva.

The exhibition tour schedule:
Kemi Art Museum 17.01.2014 – 16.03.2014
Kunsthalle, Lulea, Sweden 24.04.2014 – 31.05.2014
Sami Centre for Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway 08.01.2014 – 08.24.2014
Murmansk Regional Museum of Art, Murmansk, Russia 13.09.2014 – 10.19.2014


Information Northern Beauty


The exhibition and the project is financed by:

The EU Kolarctic ENPI CBC – program. Framework.