The lost one

Artist of the exhibition: Liselotte Wajstedt.

In the installation The Lost One conveys Liselotte Wajstedt her grandmother’s story. The work is about a loved grandmother and her tumultuous life choices. In the process discovers Wajstedt new contexts in family history, relationships that also touches Sami history and universal human questions. In the work weaves the old and the new and disseminated sensitive in an oral tale, a movie, a picture and a jacket.


Liselotte Wajstedt examines her grandmother’s story and find links to their own lives. The story, as the artist himself says in an audio recording, is about a loved grandmother and her tumultuous life choices. Despite his Laestadian faith and social condemnation she breaks up from a seemingly perfect marriage to live with another man. Liselotte assumes own memories and reveals a bigger story. As an adult, she begins to understand the relationships that she has not previously reflected upon.

The film weaves family photographs and natural images together. They are accompanied by music of Hanna Nutti, who have interpreted the story in words and music. In the movie sews Liselotte a white jacket to his grandmother with the sewing machine she has inherited from her. On kofta, she pressed a number of pictures of her grandmother’s life. Elle Máret Valkepää have made jewelery to knitwear. Kofta is on display along with a photograph portraying Liselotte in knitwear. Photo by Lisa Kejonen.


Liselotte Wajstedt (f.1973) is an artist and filmmaker. She lives and works in Kiruna. Her films often moves in the borderland between documentary and experimental art film.