Foto: Tor Egil Rasmussen/Rasmussen Media.


Display at Pikene på Broen / Teminal B, Kirkenes

Exhibition period 18.09. – 31.10.2020


The exhibition displays a selection of Ingunn Utsi’s production from 1990-2020. There is a focus on sculptures in various formats, freestanding, on a plinth and mounted on a wall.

Ingunn Utsi has had a long-standing focus on using logs, either logs washed ashore from the sea or dead trees found in the forest, as a starting point for the further processing. Another focus is experimentation with Plexiglas as a material, where she forms straight plates into undulating movement shapes that gives a distinctive result in her sculptures. In her sculptural work, she likes to combine wood with Plexiglas, stone, metals and other materials.

She draws inspiration from the shore, where the salty sea sprays with its mighty forces that strikes the beach and transformes into something new.

At the shore in Repvåg, she finds logs washed ashore from Siberia, which in earlier days has been a welcome resource and a building material.

This exhibition is curated by: Pikene på Broen and the Sami Center for Contemporary Art (SDG). The exhibition is part of an ongoing collaboration between the two institutions, with a special focus on artists with connections to the Barents region.

The exhibition consists art works from Sami Art Magazine/RDM in Karasjok, as well as loans from the artist.

In the period of 2019 – 2021, SDG and Sami Art Magazine/RDM have a collaboration which includes increased use of the RDM’s art collection. The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.

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Photo: Tor Egil Rasmussen / Rasmussen Media.