“hands-on performance”

“Illut Govddodit / Imagine to Float” is a collaboration between Nicolas Ibaceta, a Chilean artist living in Oslo, Sami craftsman Ánne Káre Máriá Kemi and the housekeeping consultant in Finnmark, Maaike Halbertsma.

In the summer of 2022, they gathered in Karasjok and worked together to organize a workshop for young people, where we constructed two kayaks.
Ibacetas design is based on a Greenland kayak technique (skin on frame) but takes a non-traditional approach. Nicolas and Ánne Káre Máriá will now gather again at the Library Sámi
Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok in a hands-on performance format to sew reindeer skin onto one of the kayak frames built in 2022, along with others.

The project aims to foster curiosity and interest in crafts, traditional culture, and duodji/Sami crafts. Additionally, it explores and combines traditional craftsmanship with new digital
manufacturing techniques in unbiased and playful ways.


The result of the project will be exhibited as a pop-up exhibition at the Sami center for contemporary art library in the period 08.03 – 30.04 2024.