From Generation to Generation

Exhibitor: Erica Huuva Simma

Erica Huuva Simma is a Sámi goldsmith and jewelry designer. She was born and grew up in Liehittäjä in the river valley Tornedalen. She now lives in Idivuoma close to Karesuando in Sweden where she creates, drawing on her Sámi background, new jewellery filled with fantasy. In 2001 she made her first piece of jewellery for her series Eallit, which consists of the tracks of reindeer, moose, lynx, bears, pine martens and wolverines.


As she says: “I want to convey all the beauty that we have in our culture to a wider audience. For me, Sámi culture is a living culture that changes constantly. You make your culture your own by renewing it. You can only make traditions alive if you have knowledge about and respect for what our Sámi ancestors created and valued. The things we create today become our legacy to our children. Their task is to renew these traditions and make them their own.”