Display at: Rana KunstforeningMo i Rana

Exhibition period 13.09. – 25.10.2020


The exhibition sets up an encounter between artists from various periods and from various generations of Sami artists, ranging from John Savio (b. 1902) to Ragna Misvær Grønstad (b. 1984), who have in common that they explore various graphic techniques. The exhibition’s title Conventus, taken from a woodcut by Geir Tore Holm, is a Latin word that has several meanings, of which two are “meeting” and “gathering”.

Thomas Colbengtson, Eva Eira, Aage Gaup, Ragna Misvær Grønstad, Trygve Lund Guttormsen, Geir Tore Holm, Arnold Johansen, Iver Jåks, Oddmund Kristiansen, Hans Ragnar Mathisen, Inga Nordsletta Pedersen, John Savio, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Lena Stenberg, Kristin Tårnesvik.

The exhibition is also displayed at

13.06. – 30.08.2020 Galleri Espolin/Museum Nord Kabelvåg
21.03. – 25.04.2020 Sortland kunstforening, galleri Ariblå – Cancelled due to corona pandemic!
02.12. – 19.01.2020 Norske Grafikere Oslo
13.07. – 08.09.2019 Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš/Samisk senter for samtidskunst

The printmakers association Norske Grafikere turns a hundred in 2019. In connection with the centennial, exhibition were held all over Norway throughout the year of 2019 with a focus on printmaking as an art form.

The curatorial work on the exhibition was shared by Sami Center for Contemporary Art (SDG) and Skinn (Se Kunst i Nord-Norge). Curators: Kristoffer Dolmen, SDG and Elise Cosme Hoedemakers.

In conjunction with the exhibition at SDG, a separate exhibition of prints were displayed at the same time at RDM/the Sami Museum in Karasjok. For more information – visit

This exhibition is a collaboration between Sami Center for Contemporary Art and RDM/Sami Art Collection in Karasjok. The interdisciplinary collaboration is supported by Arts Council Norway and is part of the project Samisk metode for kunst- og kultuformidling 2019–2021 .


Photo: Torg Egil Rasmussen/Rasmussen Media.