Per Isak Juuso — The Collection

29th October 12.00: Artistic conversation with Per Isak Juuso. The event is part of Sami Language Week.

Per Isak Juuso has over 25 years of practice with duodji/Sami handicrafts, and is a leader in innovation within this artistic field. The exhibition consists of art objects, made in duodji using materials such as metal, wood, horn and leather.

Per Isak Juuso works with the composition of different materials and visual storytelling about tradition, materiality and technique.

Per Isak Juuso (b. 1953) was born, lives and works in Mertajärvi in Sweden. He worked at Samernas utbildningscentrum in Jokkmokk and Sámi allaskuvla (Sami college) in Kautokeino. Per Isak Juuso work has been purchased by public collections in Norway and Sweden, as well as for private collections.