Welcome to book release LUONDDUADJÁGASAT/DREAMSCAPES on Monday 5/11/2018 at 18:30!

For 40 years, the artist Synnøve Persen has explored the language of colors and the music of poetry. In the book “Luondduadjágasat – Dreamscapes”, Susanne Hætta explains about Persen’s colors, phases of her life, reflections, privacy and the creation of her paintings and poems.

At Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš, the audience gives an opportunity to enter Synnøve Persen’s landscape and hear parts from Susanne Hættas book. Persen will also read some poems from her latest book “Ruoná rieggá vuol váccašit (Under the green ring walking). A conversation about the book will take place, the art and the processes that led to the book became a reality. Afterwards, both books are for sale, Hætta and Persen do book signing.

The visual artist and poet Synnøve Persen from Bevkop in Porsanger is one of Sápmis most distinguished artists, also internationally. She was a member of the Sami artist group Máze joavku (The Masi group) from 1978-83, and she has decorated many public buildings and been featured in countless exhibitions, including Documenta in 2017. Persen has published several books in Sami, which have been translated into many languages. Two of her books were nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. Her last poem collection is “Ruoná rieggá vuol váccašit” (2017).

Susanne Hætta, photographer, author and artist, is from Alta. She has previously published the photo book “Mari Moments – Mari Liibbat” about the Sami artist Mari Boine (2017), “Utsi – The Way Out of Criminal Life” (2015) and “Okta Beaivi Ánniin” (2000). As an artist, she has participated in several exhibitions, including OCA’s “Let the river flow” in Oslo 2018.