Artist-in-Residence June 2024

SDG is reopening Artist-in-Residence and 2 artists are participating in June 2024:

Ulivia Uviluk (Olivia Lya Thomassie) is a multidisciplinary artist from Kangirsuk, Nunavik, QC, whose practice includes  film, beading, writing and more. Uviluk learned traditional crafting techniques at beading workshops held during the Aboriginal Youth Forum in 2017, and spent the next year creating earrings and other 3D objects.

Laila Labba is a Sámi contemporary artist and illustrator from Karasjok. Labba works with analog and digital drawing, painting, and printmaking, and her artistry is rooted in Sámi culture and nature. She holds a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the University of Huddersfield and a course-based bachelor’s degree in Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts from Sámi Allaskuvla in Kautokeino.


Samarbeider med
Montreal Art Center;  Amber Berson, directrice générale Centre des arts visuels | Galerie McClure
Avataq Cultural Institute;  Aumaaggiivik : Secrétariat des arts du Nunavik/Nunavik Arts SecretariatInstitut culturel Avataq Cultural Institute


Supported by / støttet: Montreal Arts Council Grant; Nordisk Kulturfond Globus Opstart