A theatre concert — WONDERING

Language: Northern Sámi. Subtitled in Norwegian (in Norway) and in Finnish (in Finland).
The performance is suitable for youth +16 and adults. Lasts for approx. 50 min.
Ticket link: https://checkout.ebillett.no/347/events/20/purchase/setup?


The performance is based on the author’s, Eva Dons, personal experience with breast cancer and the course of the disease. It´s a performance of life as a sick person, through texts taken from diary notes, music, joik, physical and visual expressions. It isn´t always so easy to find the right words in the face of illness, and it isn´t always words that are needed. The author wants to create a cross-border artistic project about cancer, which expands our understanding of what it is to be sick and which explores both linguistic and non-linguistic aspects in the face of illness.

Actor Mary Sarre and musician Roger Ludvgisen perform the performance with lyrics, songs, joik and music.


Script, composer and director: Eva Dons
Sami retelling song lyrics: Rawdna Carita Eira
Sami translation: Britt-Inga Vars
Composer: Eva Dons
Sami translation lyrics: Rawdna Carita Eira
Actress: Mary Sarre
Rearrangement and Musician: Roger Ludvigsen
Music arrangements: Roger Ludvigsen
Lyrics: Ragnar Olsen
Costume designer: Ramona Salo
Costume designer: Silje I. Ødemotland, Rannveig Salo
Finnish translation: Anitta Suikkari
Technicians: Olav Johan Eira, Jan Cato D. Nilut
Photographer: Árvu/Marie Louise Somby
Graphic designer: Kerstin Degerlund

Supported by the Sami Parliament and Fritt Ord.