Romain Rambaud – Doubt of use

By using the common shower in the cellar of SDG Roman Rambaud has made a site spesific installation by confronting the building’s history as a former school and now a Sámi center for contemporary art.

In this installation, the skin is transformed through trees stripped of its bark. The birch bark  is exhibited as sacred relics in glass cases that grow up through the floor. The water flowing around the only strains that grow unruly around the reliquary. The cold fluorescent light is controlled into a softer illumination inside the glass cases. The hard concrete floor changed into an organic landscape with the use of old planks, each individually changed by the use and the ravages of time.The dark story of assimilation colors walls and ceilings. It helps us to remember what we can not forget.

The exhibition contextualises an echo of the past, a past about a forced assimilation,made visible through the peeled trees, a symbolic undressing, a site specific artwork that restore the use of space, and that problematize and question the mission and evangelical teaching in Sámi – among Sámis. 
Mission has offered education, it has driven diaconal and mercy ministry. However, was the primary purpose of the mission to replace the original Sami beliefs with Christianity, and thus only a tool for Norwegianisation and spiritual oppression? Some experienced the builing as a spiritiual ablution, for others the experience a forced assimilation.

Artistic expression, productions and exhibitions are arenas for critical remarks and political struggle against oppression locally and globally. The premises of DSF is now the premises of SDG, a descendant of Sami Artist Group / Sámi Dáidujoavkku, also called Masi group, crucial for development in Sámi identity, culture and art appreciation.

Through metaphors and symbols, art can evoke wonder and open spaces for new debate. Romain Rambaus Reinstalling raises important questions, and SDG invite you to a seminar deals with the intersection between art and activism at 11:00 on Saturday 23, august.


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