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Announcement: Production scholarship for visual artists in Sápmi for 2022

Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš (SDG) / Sami Center for Contemporary Art, announces 2 production scholarships for visual artists who would like to work with production to exhibitions or projects in 2022.

The scholarships are made possible by delegated funds from Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH) til SDG. The following scholarships is to be distributed:

1 – Scholarship of 50 000,-
2 – Scholarship of 50 000,-

Productionscholarship can be applied by artists with membership in SDS or with Sami connection. It’s not a requirement to be a member in SDS, but it is a requirement that the educational/practical part qualifies to membership in nordic artistsorganization.

Other application criteria:

– The exhibition or project has to be presented publically and inform the audience
– Collaboration partners are allowed
– Other project financing ia allowed.
– Carries out in the areas that is traditionally considered in Sápmi (Except Russia)
– The project has to be carried out before the exit of 2022

Application requirements:
– The artist has to show association with Sápmi
– Brief description of how the scholarship is wanted to be used (max. 1 page), with any possibly sketches/pictures (max. 3 images) and budget.
– Geographically where the project is to be carried out, must be stated
– CV


Applicaton with attachments has to be sent pr. mail to

Application deadline 2. mai 2022.


Applications are considered by Sami Center for Contemorary Art art council, the board does the final decision. The award is announced through SDG’s website and a separate press release.
Scholarship recipients are invited to an event in Karasjok 28.05.22
The amount is paid in full in advance of the start of projects. There is a requirement for reporting for the use of the funds by 1 December 2022.


For questions regarding the announcement, contact Kristoffer Dolmen, director SDG.