Sami Center for Contemporary Art

Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš (SDG) was established in 1986, and is the leading international center for contemporary Sámi artists.

SDG's purpose is to be a significant exhibition arena with a main focus on international Sámi contemporary art with local anchoring in Sápmi, while being an important meeting place for artists and art enthusiasts.

SDG's vision is to be an important, topical meeting place in the middle of Sápmi, while being an important cultural carrier and cultural intermediary within and outside the Sámi community.

SDG is an institution with the purpose of supporting, communicating and visualizing Sámi contemporary art in Europe, to indigenous areas and to the largest art arenas in the world. Another important purpose SDG has is to convey and create an interest and understanding of contemporary art expressions, while providing room for new and experimental artistic practices and work for artistic freedom of speech.

Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš works to develop and expand the meeting of contemporary Sámi art with the audience.



SDG's purpose is to support and convey high quality contemporary Sámi artists, handicrafts and dáiddaduodji.

A wide variety of different works by artists and duojárs (artisans) can be found in our gallery shop. The shop consists of books, art and dáiddaduodji (handicrafts), jewelery, gift items, Sámi music etc.

Employees - Contact information

Kristoffer Dolmen - Director
+47 910 09 705

Laila Labba - Assistant curator
+47 469 06 091

Monika Anti - Head of administration
+47 902 33 765

Anna Karen Maria Kemi - Production
+47 902 44 062

Anita Bjørnback - Project coordinator
+47 902 97 890

Četil Somby - Production technician
+47 902 44 062


Bente Geving 
Chairman of the board

+47 996 49 062