Show Me Colour – Resist, Stand up, Advocate
09/12/17 – 11/02/17

Show Me Colour- Resist, Stand Up, Advocate. The exhibition is a series of events and installations based on Sami contemporary art and cultural forms.

In the encounter between artistic expression and political theme, the project contains exhibitions, performances, actions, artistic interviews and more. About ten Sami artists from different disciplines participate. The project had a premiere of activities throughout the Anniversary week of Tråante 2017 in Trondheim.

I Craft, I Travel Light
28/10/17 – 28/01/18

The exhibition, I Craft, I Travel Light takes inspiration from Sami culture and the culture of other indigenous peoples in the northern regions, their rich traditions and knowledge, together with their skills in utilising local resources. Their artwork is based on natural materials from the Barents region, such as birch bark, fish skin, reindeer antler or recycled materials that have been found.

Participating artists: Ingrid Becker, Marianne Broch, Cecilie Haaland, Aslaug Juliussen, Fedosya Semenovna Kauts, Gabriel Johan Kvendseth, Inger Anne Nyaas, Aleksei Ogorodnik, Solveig Ovanger, Outi Pieski, Anastasia Aristarhovna Pomyleva, Sergei Schemetov, Philipp Spillmann, Alexander Sverchkov, Martin and Anisia Fedotovich Taibarey, Viktoriya Vilka.

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